How much of our social media lives is really real?

Social media is one of my favourite things. But there are certainly times when I feel like I need a good break. It’s easy to get trapped in the feeling of wanting more likes, more follows, more everything. Instagram is my own worst enemy. The follow/unfollow game is seriously annoying and I just don’t get it.

I love my instagram though (say ‘hi’ to me: @femenish – links to my old blog still), however I am guilty of feeling like I need to update or post everyday, or every few days. I hate it when I go out and I keep taking photos. I feel like it’s kind of rude – like a ‘I’m more interested in taking photos for my insta than I am in talking to you’. So, I really try to keep it to the minimum. Another thing I do is snap a couple of quick photos and upload them later.

Now, onto the actual focus of this post:

How much of social media is really real?

I’m sure we’ve all seen those influencers/bloggers with absolutely gorgeous instagrams. Perfectly placed coffee, amazing selfies and those awe-inspiring flatlays (which I am terrible at fyi).

It looks like, and seems like, their lives are perfect. How true is that though?

Doesn’t everyone post the best things only? I know I do. There are no selfies of me with zits. There are no photos of me with blisters from my shoes. There’s nothing that shows what my life actually is like.

I read in a book a while ago, about having a not-so perfect life. Surprisingly, this book was called “My Not So Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella.

The main character, Katie, portrays this perfect life when in reality her life is anything but. Long story short, she loses her job, starts anew and decides to have a feed dedicated to her ‘not-so perfect life’. Meaning she is posting real-life pictures, those day to day photos where things have gone wrong (or right), and those real-life experiences.

It’s really interesting seeing the sort of content that people post.

The thing with social media is that it is so easy to feel like you are missing out, to feel insecure or like you aren’t good enough. I know I do! I see some people’s feeds and feel like I have such a boring, unexciting life. There are spurts of fun and excitement in mine, particularly when I travel. But my day to day life just feels like a never-ending coast of ‘go to work, come home, go to work, come home’. Put that on repeat 5 days a week and it’s like nothing ever happens!

I do go out on the weekend for lunch, brunch, friend catchups. But it is so easy to get lost in that ‘do nothing’ mentality at the weekend. Oftentimes I am so tired by the weekend that I don’t have the energy to go out. Which means I don’t get the content I want for my instagram and other social media accounts.

Ok, enough complaining from me about my boring life! And let’s go back to social media:

Social media gives us the ability to only show the very best of our lives. It helps us to steer away from those boring bits, and we edit our lives so only the coolest, most totally awesome parts of our lives are seen by the public (randoms, friends, people you knew from high school but haven’t talked to in 10 years).

The sad thing is is that all these people, even those closest to you, don’t often know what you actually are doing in your life. They don’t know whether you are sad, or anxious or depressed about things because, really, who wants to read about how you didn’t feel like you couldn’t get out of bed this morning?

And you know what? That’s worrisome. We filter our lives, we create these amazing lives. What I’ve been liking is how people are becoming more open with their depression, or anxiety, or other struggles they are going through. Especially with mental health awareness week.

So, lets focus on ourselves, lets embrace our lives and invest in who we are and what makes us happy! Lets not compare ourselves to other people on social media, because no-one knows what their lives are really like, or what they are actually going through!

Shall we post what makes us happy? Shall we post our real lives on our social medias?

How about we make this a challenge for ourselves:

Showing our real selves on social media. Or is that too much of a challenge?


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