Dress like you’re living your best life


I always enjoy dressing up, but I don’t really wear my absolute best dresses often enough. There are things I’ve bought in my wardrobe that I have never worn…simply because they are too good to wear everyday.

Who else does this?

Buying a cocktail dress that you’ll never wear because you need it. Or buying that gorgeous lace embroidered blouse that, after 2 years and lots of promises, you still haven’t worn.

Why do we keep things for best?

I was reading a blog the other day, that mentioned this video clip. And man, it was like a wake up call!

And how true this is! I don’t think we really dress up enough for our every day life. I love looking nice when I leave the house, but have I become too comfortable in my every day wear?

I want to feel fabulous when I leave the house, with a confident swagger. I want to feel like I am living my best life. Because why not? After all, and I feel completely 2011 saying this: Yolo.

Look at Iris Apfel, she is a 97 year-old fashionista! She definitely dances to the beat of her own drum. And that is totally awesome. She is living her best life, she is dressing however she wants without caring what other people think of her style choices.

Iris Apfel style

Iris Apfel just seems so cool! Source: FashionTribes

So, my new life goal is to dress like I’m living my best life. Whether I just throw on a couple of accessories that stand out, or whether I wear things that are completely different to what I would normally wear.

After all, there are so many benefits to dressing up:

  • it affects your mood – who feels happier when they are dressed in something they love?
  • confidence – I definitely feel that little bit of extra confidence when I am dressed up and I know I look good!
  • you look fabulous, you feel fabulous, you are fabulous!

The way we dress is a form of self-expression. I’m off to organise my wardrobe now!



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