That’s hot: fall fashion must haves

Technically, it isn’t even fall where I live, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire the trends that other people are enjoying!

Autumn (or Fall), is one of my favourite times of year. That time when the leaves are slowly winding their way down to the ground, the crunch of the golden leaves under my feet and the slight chill in the air that warns you that winter is coming.

fall fashion winter is coming

I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.


There are a few staples in my wardrobe that I use every single Autumn. One of which are my brown suede boots. They just scream Autumn to me – maybe because they match the leaves, midi and maxi skirts and look really cute with red or blue dresses (of which I have plenty). But what about the trends that come in every year for this season?

So, welcome to my ‘that’s hot’ series. 

that's hot


I like to think that I’m ahead of the trend, as I bought all my plaid trousers between 2013-2016. I’m not really. I just found a style I like and a pattern I like. Personally, I think that plaid is a very classic and versatile pattern, which means that they never really fade from the ‘trend circle’. By trend circle I mean that fashion is very cyclical. Here are some of my favourite plaid looks:

plaid trousers fall 2018

Source: nhmml

plaid miniskirts

I want these in my life. Tartan miniskirts from the 60s. Source: pinterest.

Animal Print:

I’ve never worn animal print. I’ve just never found anything, with that print, that I actually like. But this season I have seen a couple of blouses that I like:

Dana Hourani

Dana Hourani. Source: @DanaHourani

leopard print dress

I love the dress, but those shoes…. 😀 Source: OOTD Magazine

And this purse is really cute!

Olivia Palermo

Source: Savoir Flair


I love pleats. So, I am incredibly excited that they are popular this year. I bought a denim miniskirt in Japan this year which has a pleat at the front (yes, just one pleat!). I love how pleats can be paired with fluffy jumpers. It is a throwback to the 80s. A lot of people think that 80s was just neon and roller skates, but that is just a misconception! The 80s fashion was actually pretty nice.

pleats autumn fashion 2018

Can I have this outfit please? Source: glowsly

And I love how simple and versatile this pleated skirt is:


How much do I love pantsuits? The love for them is endless. Unfortunately, I don’t even own one. However, I absolutely adore this pink one from Zara. I love the cut, the colour and how it can be styled in so many different ways.


Zara pantsuit. Source: hangitupla

plaid pantsuit

I love this pantsuit, and I really like how it’s been accessorised with the red bag and shoes. Source: OOTD Magazine


So, obviously this doesn’t detail all the trends, as I would like to focus on some of the trends in other posts.  There are some really lovely trends out that I am going to hunt for at the local H&M!

I’m moving overseas soon (back to Europe again!). I’m looking forward to shopping at my old favourite shops.

What are some trends you are loving this season?


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