The lengths I go to

As a women, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, I usually plan very carefully when going out at night. Especially when I know I will be walking home alone after a night out.

Most of the time, I don’t even think about how I plan carefully. It’s become so natural, so ingrained in me, to have these plans. You know, those ‘just in case plans’.

There’s a bag I got a few years ago. I love it, and I only noticed recently that I only use it when I go out at night, and when I will be walking home, or partway home, by myself.

You see, this bag is metal. It is very hard and tough, and it can withstand hard knocks. I know this because it always whacks against my hip when I stand up or move quickly.

metal bag

I don’t often wear these shoes on a night out, but this bag is my go to. It’s really pretty with the mosaic tiles, and it is made out of metal. I got it in the Hague, but I also saw them at Portobello Market.

When I was with friends recently, I called it my safety blanket. If I am approached by an unsavoury character on my way home, I know that I can defend myself with my bag.

I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve. My keys are kept in hand, between my fingers, I have a safety alarm, and I also wear shoes I know I can run in. I hate having to do these things and I hate not feeling safe.

Isn’t it ridiculous that we need to arm ourselves, or plan ahead, in case something happens?

What do you do to protect yourself if you are walking around on your own?



2 thoughts on “The lengths I go to

    • Kate H says:

      I am lucky that the neighbourhood I live in now is fairly safe, but very quiet. During the day I am fine and can walk around no problem. It’s just at night that I get concerned! Where I used to live, it wasn’t so safe. I’m glad your feel safe walking around. It’s great to feel that you don’t have to watch your back!

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