The Journey Begins

As I tentatively start this new blog, I wonder…

What will happen?

I’m mixing my passion for fashion with a bit of lifestyle.

Fashion has been a big love of mine (the only love of my life at the moment) for a very long time. There’s something about fashion that just makes me feel relaxed. Like, when you walk into a really, really nice shop and you just feel all that stress seeping out of your pores and your body. Day to day stress just seems to disappear as soon as I run my fingers across some beautiful, delicate material.

I enjoy learning new things about fashion. So this blog may cover some of the following:

-minimalism (something I am terrible at)

-fast fashion (everyone loves a bit of Primark, but when is enough, enough?)

-latest trends

-personal style

-vintage style

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve called my blog ‘She’s a Mod’.

Reason 1: I love that song.

And Reason 2: I love vintage fashion – especially from the 60s. I own many, many miniskirts.

She's a mod

Technically this dress isn’t from the 60s. It’s from Topshop! The bag is metal and is one I use when I go out at night – the length we women go to stay safe at night.

What are some topics you would like me to write about?

Let me know in the comments below!


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